The right quantity of the right product, at the right time and price!

About Us


Our Mission is to bring the best solutions to our clients, quickly and at low cost, where opportunities call for catalytic problem solving.  We do this with equal vigor for customers large and small. 

Our Company serves both Academia and Industry well.  Our Core Areas of Endeavor are Described Below:


  • Catalytic Consultants

Whatever may be the issue of the day. knowing where to turn for responsive and reliable help is increasingly of value.  Outsourcing of engineering expertise can help your company to be more productive.  Providing expert assistance in catalyst selection, process development, process and reactor design, plant start-up, and troubleshooting:  this is the domain of our Consulting division.


  • Catalytic Labs

Whether challenged in process or catalyst development, catalyst selection, or a new project launch,  there is often a need for laboratory work to help guide the project.  Outsourcing such work to a capable and competitive lab can be a boon to one’s budget!  This is where Catalytic Labs comes in.  We are well-equipped to handle fixed-bed testing for a wide range of catalysts and adsorbents, and would welcome an opportunity to work with you.


  • Reactor Systems

For clients needing a new catalytic reactor, we can provide a complete turn-key package. Our scope can include not only the catalyst supply and reactor design but also the fabrication of the reactor vessel, the control scheme, and instrumentation.  A smart system to mastermind your operation brings about the maximum return on investment!   


  • Research Catalysts

Research Catalysts, Inc. (RCI) specializes in quick delivery of catalysts and adsorbents for purification, in the precise quantities needed, and at reasonable prices.  From our warehouses in Houston and Conroe, Texas we can deliver to anywhere in the world.  The right quantity of the right product, at the right time and price!