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Disinfect VR

Disinfect VR

Do you own or manage a Virtual Reality gaming center that relies on sterilization for devices in-between uses? There are many ways to disinfect VR devices; however, not all of these methods kill enough pathogens and germs to protect your customers using shared devices. With CleanBox technology, you can rely on convenient, easy-to-use UV sterilization to kill 99.999% of all contaminants on the surface of devices as well as in crevices where pathogens can hide. Our UVC clean phone sterlizer will give you and your customers a greater sense of safety without the hassles of spraying & wiping.

Q: What types of devices can I put inside of a CleanBox UV disinfection robot?

A: CleanBox sterilizes and disinfects all handhelds, heptics, frequently used devices, headsets, earphones, smartphones, tablets, Vrs, Ars, and other shared devices.

Q: Are UV light phone sanitizers safe to use?

A: Patented CleanBox UVC technology is 100% safe to use, and because it effectively replaces chemical sprays, UVC sanitizing is a much better option. UV light is environmentally friendly and will reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Q: Is UVC technology expensive?

A: On the contrary- a single investment in CleanBox technology will eliminate the need to purchase costly wipes, towels, spray-on products, and disposable paper products. In time, CleanBox will pay for itself and begin saving you money. Feel free to get in touch with someone from our company to find out just how affordable it is to sanitize your shared electronics using ultraviolet light devices.

Q: Who will benefit from my investment in CleanBox?

A: Your customers will quickly come to the realization that their safety is important to you and be likely to return to your virtual reality center. Your staff and employees will benefit, as well, when you make UVC technology available to them for decontaminating their personal devices, including their smartphones. Using CleanBox is the smartest way to grow a successful VR business.

Q: How do I disinfect VR devices using CleanBox?

A: Set VR devices inside of CleanBox and follow easy instructions to kill germs on surfaces and hiding in crevices in just 60 seconds. No more wiping, messy sprays, wasted paper towels, or hassles. Feel free to watch our brief video explaining how CleanBox works or download our Whitepaper for a more in-depth look at the technology behind CleanBox.

Q: Does UVC technology require a lot of maintenance?

A: UVC products like CleanBox can deliver more than 400,000 cycles per bulb; the cleaning method is effortless once installed.

Q: Is there a particular type of microbe that UVC technology is effective in killing?

A: CleanBox technology works against all microbes and is effective every single time.

Q: How can I learn more about the pros and cons of UVC to disinfect VR devices?

A: Simply reach out to someone from CleanBox with your questions or explore free resources found on our website. Start by clicking ‘How Cleanbox Works' or read news and events from our blog to stay informed.

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