Reactor Design


From the conceptual stage to the detailed engineering and fabrication, proper design of a catalytic reactor is essential to good performance.

Research Catalysts will select the catalysts and adsorbents, and the operating conditions of temperature, pressure and space velocity, to best address each customer's application.

We will determine appropriate bed sizing, as required to meet cycle length and/or lifetime targets as well as product purity.

We make use of a dimensionless parameter called the Fluid Dynamics Index to help determine an optimal bed diameter so as to avoid channeling at minimum rates and have an acceptable pressure drop at maximum rates. 

For Deoxo and CATOX type reactors where heat release may be significant, our simulations include a heat and material balance that will determine the temperature rise in the reactor and the outlet gas composition.  And in cases where a secondary gas feed such as H2, O2 or air may be involved, we will also calculate the dosage rate needed for the secondary gas.

Subsequently, the detailed mechanical engineering and fabrication can be carried out by the customer, or we can connect you with one of our fabrication partners who are experts at it and have completed many such projects over the years.