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Homogeneous Catalysis

At Research Catalysts, Inc., we are continuously exploring the vast domain of Homogeneous Catalysis, where the catalyst is in the same phase as the reactants. This form often deals with solutions and offers unique advantages in terms of control and reaction selectivity. Our work spans the development of novel catalysts to facilitate more efficient processes in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and environmental applications.

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Heterogeneous Catalysis stands at the core of our industrial offerings, wherein the catalyst operates in a different phase than the reactants. This division is pivotal in processes such as hydrogenation, petrochemical refining, and catalytic converters for vehicles. Our innovative reactor design enhances the surface area interaction, optimizing the process efficiency and catalyst longevity.

Enzyme Catalysis

Within the realm of Enzyme Catalysis, our biotechnological strides harness nature's catalysts to drive reactions under mild conditions, fostering the sustainable production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. By integrating enzyme catalysis into our projects, we address the growing demands for green and precise manufacturing processes.

Acid-Base Catalysis

Our expertise extends to Acid-Base Catalysis, crucial for myriad industrial processes, including esterification and polymerization. Through fine-tuning the acidic or basic nature of catalysts, we have innovated more effective and selective methodologies, pushing forward the boundaries of chemical synthesis and material science.


The promising field of Photocatalysis has seen us developing catalysts that harness light energy to drive chemical reactions. This approach has immense potential in environmental remediation and renewable energy, where our photocatalytic solutions aim to degrade pollutants and generate hydrogen fuel from water.


Electrocatalysis, where catalysts facilitate and modulate electrochemical reactions, has been pivotal in our advancements in energy storage and conversion technologies. Our work in developing efficient electrocatalysts has propelled applications in fuel cells and batteries, underscoring our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Industrial Catalysis

Our Industrial Catalysis services are tailored to meet the high-demand, large-scale applications, encompassing the production of fuels, chemicals, and materials. Our approach merges innovation with practicality, ensuring that our clients receive solutions that not only drive progress but do so economically and sustainably.

Green Catalysis

Green Catalysis underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship. By developing catalysts and processes that minimize waste and energy consumption, we contribute to cleaner production processes. Our commitment to green catalysis is reflected in our projects aiming for renewable resources and environmentally benign chemicals.

Biological Catalysis

In the sphere of Biological Catalysis, we dive deep into the biochemical mechanisms to mimic or enhance natural processes. This focus includes enzyme modification and mimicry to facilitate reactions in non-natural environments, bringing together the best of biotechnology and synthetic chemistry for innovative solutions.

Surface Catalysis

Surface Catalysis is a cornerstone of our heterogeneous catalysis projects. By manipulating the surface properties of catalysts, we optimize interactions with reactants, enhancing the efficiency and selectivity of processes. This expertise is particularly beneficial in petrochemical refining and pollution control technologies.

Organometallic Catalysis

Our work in Organometallic Catalysis bridges the gap between organic and inorganic chemistry, providing versatile tools for constructing complex molecules. This area has revolutionized the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and materials, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Homolytic and Heterolytic Catalysis

We delve into both Homolytic and Heterolytic Catalysis, manipulating bond cleavage mechanisms to steer reactions towards desired outcomes. This dual approach allows us to tailor catalysis methods to specific requirements, enhancing our ability to tackle challenging synthetic targets.


In the fascinating realm of Autocatalysis, where the product of a reaction catalyzes its own formation, we explore self-propagating synthesis methods. This area holds promise for innovative manufacturing techniques, where efficiency increases over the course of the reaction.

Chemoenzymatic Catalysis

The hybrid approach of Chemoenzymatic Catalysis merges chemical and enzymatic processes, leveraging the strengths of both to achieve reactions unattainable by traditional means. Our research in this area is geared towards creating multifunctional catalyst systems for complex organic transformations.

Metal-free Catalysis

In our pursuit of greener alternatives, Metal-free Catalysis has emerged as a key area of interest. By developing organic and carbon-based catalysts, we offer sustainable and less toxic options for a range of chemical reactions, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

At Research Catalysts, Inc., our dedication to advancing the field of catalysis across its many facets is unwavering. By pushing the boundaries of chemical synthesis and process efficiency, we aim to provide our clients with solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. Through our diverse expertise and innovative approaches, we continue to contribute to the global pursuit of sustainable and efficient chemical processes.

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