We carry products primarily for CONTAMINANT REMOVAL or CATALYTIC PURIFICATION, including both base metal and precious metal catalysts, and also molecular sieves for drying and/or purification by selective adsorption. 
Frequently, in Contaminant Removal, both a catalytic and adsorptive step are required.  We offer a wide range of both Purification Catalysts and Adsorbents from the BASF Adsorbents portfolio.  And the expertise to apply them.

       A.    CATALYSTS

The table below lists a few of the Purification Catalysts we offer.  Research Catalysts, Inc. will provide a Quote upon request, and will ship most orders before the ink is dry.




(1) R0-20/47 with 0.47 wt% Pd on 2-4mm beads has long been the “standard” for many types of gas purification.  This is a versatile and robust catalyst which can be used for a wide range of reactions.  The conversions to be achieved in each case depend largely on gas composition and temperature.

(2) R0-25 is supported on highly calcined extrudates (3mm, 4mm or 6mm) and comes with standard Pd loadings of 0.15%, 0.3% and 0.50%.  This is a very high quality product and is an alternate choice to other Pd types when temperatures may exceed 600°C, or low pressure drop is needed.

(3) From the BASF PuriStar® product line, manufactured at Ludwigshafen, Germany.

(4) Q-5 is the same as Cu-0226S.  Available in two particle sizes: 8x14 mesh and 14x28 mesh beads.

(5) The Engelhard DEOXO catalysts comprise a range of supported precious metals catalysts using Pd, Pt, Rh and/or Ru on various Al2O3 supports.   Applications include the same reactions done with the R0-20 and R0-25, plus methanation and other special/specific gas purification reactions as well.



       B.     ADSORBENTS

We carry the molecular sieved shown below.  The other adsobents we use where needed in our designs,  Please note that most of the products below are available in more than one particle size/shape.

- Activated Aluminas including BASF (heritage Alcoa) F-200, Selexsorb CD & Selexsorb COS.

- Molecular Sieves including 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X.  Standard grades and particle sizes are available.  For special applications, binderless or other unique formulations can be supplied as well.