Turnkey Systems


Starting with the problem definition - like “we need to deoxygenate and dry this stream”, or “we need to purify a CO2 stream of hydrocarbons” - Catalyst Central can provide a complete turnkey solution beginning with a Design Proposal and culminating with delivery of a Skidded Package Unit including the catalysts and adsorbents together with the reactor vessel(s), heat exchangers, control system and interconnecting pipes and valves.

The vintage drawing below was my first stab at Consulting.  Many years ago, Fermi National Labs wanted BASF to regenerate some copper-based Oxygen traps.  However, such a service was not offered by BASF, so it became an extracurricular project, which Dave undertook in his spare time.  Today, this is a service we offer via our Catalytic Labs division.  More to the point, it illustrates the "systems approach" and customer-centered thinking that makes our turnkey projects really sizzle!