Reactor Design

The Importance of Design

The importance of Design cannot be overstated.  From the basic process design, to the engineering and fabrication of the vessel, a great many decisions are made that will affect the unit's performance.  Will it perform in accordance with design requirements?  Will it meet targets in terms of process economics, operational safety and reliability, product quality, and catalyst/adsorbent lifetimes?  Having Catalytic Consultants on your team will help ensure a standard of excellence in both the process design and its execution.  In the sense used here, Design includes the choice of catalysts and adsorbents, the mechanical design of the vessel, the reactor internals, the instrumentation and control scheme, and procedures for media preparation, activation and/or regeneration (as applicable) .

A Word about Control Systems

Processes require smart control systems for safety, reliability and production economics.  From design of the control scheme through selection of the control elements, training of operators, start-up of the plant and tuning of the control loops, we can ensure the maximum return on investment in the reactor and catalyst.